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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S first look review

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S First Look Review

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix review

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix First Look Review

Asus Taichi video review

Asus Taichi Video Review

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 review
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11
Laptop Reviews | Tablet Reviews
Sure there are convertible Window 8 Ultrabook-tablets on the market, but they're the Intel Core i5 variety with higher price tags and meh battery life. For those of you who don't need to run Windows 7 x 86 apps, Lenovo has the first Windows RT convertible with a wonderful AccuType keyboard and a sharp and bright IPS display. The Yoga 11 has the same 360 degree hinge as the versatile Yoga 13 and it rotates from laptop to tent to tablet mode. It runs on a 1.4GHz NVidia Tegra 3 quad core CPU with GeForce graphics, 2 gigs of RAM, 32 or 64 gigs of storage and it comes with MS Office 2013 RT.

Personalizing Your Ringtones

Music is a major part of our life. We hear it on television ads, we put our headphones to listen to music when we travel, and we listen to music whenever we feel stressed. Most of us have our own song that we feel important because its lyrics perfectly describe something about us. And just like music, smartphones are also a major part of our daily life. Thus, it is not surprising that all of us store music with our smartphones. However, some music that we download from the internet contains files that can harm our smartphones. Thus, it is important to use proxies when downloading contents from the internet. One of these proxies is socks proxies. It works by creating a firewall with your device to ensure that any file that you download is verified and authenticated, and the information in your smartphone is safe from exposure.

When Looking For Proxy Providers
There are plenty of proxy providers that you can find in the market but you usually have to look for them one by one in order to get a feel for a large enough pool of possible choices. What you need therefore is a list of proxy services that can give you what you need without having you work to find this information. There’s just a huge amount of work that needs to be done if you do it manually. With a list that has over 30 providers or more however, your work becomes a lot easier. What you need to remember when trying to find something to help you make decisions is the fact that so many providers out there are only offering the bare minimum of what you need in order to maintain your security. These are not what you need at all.

HTC One X + video review
HTC One X+
Android Phone Reviews | AT&T
How do you make a very good thing even better? If it's a smartphone you add a few more cores while cranking clock speed, increase battery capacity and cram in 64 gigs of internal storage. That's the HTC One X+, available exclusively on ATT in the US. It's the holiday spec bump to keep the phone competitive with the Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus G and other high end phones. The iconic unibody polycarbonate design, superb 4.7", 1280 x 720 Super LCD2 display with 312 ppi pixel density and smooth and reliable performance are here from the One X. But the One X+ moves up to the new NVidia AP37 1.7GHz quad core Tegra 3 CPU, making it faster than both our US One X with the dual core Snapdragon and the international 1.5GHz Tegra 3 One X.
Acer Iconia W510 review
Acer Iconia Tab W510
Notebook Reviews | Windows Tablet Reviews
Affordable full Windows 8 tablets are few and far between right now, and Acer's leading the low price war with the very capable and portable Iconia Tab W510. This is a 10.1" tablet that weighs just 1.3 pounds (less than the latest iPad) yet it runs Windows 8 with support for Windows 7 x86 apps. That means your favorite Windows apps will install and run on this tablet, just as they can on your notebook or desktop. The tablet starts at $499 for the 32 gig model and there's a bundle with the optional keyboard dock that also adds a full size USB 2.0 port and a secondary battery. It runs on a 1.8GHz dual core Intel Atom CPU with 2 gigs of DDR2 RAM.


HTC Droid DNA review
Android Phone Reviews | Verizon Wireless
Look out Samsung Galaxy Note II, there's a new kid on the block, at least if you're a Verizon Wireless customer, and that's the HTC Droid DNA. The HTC Droid DNA is one of our top smartphones for 2012. It has a slim and elegant design despite the big 5" display. That Super LCD 3 display is an impressive 1920 x 1080 resolution, and it's simply stunning. The Droid DNA is one of the few quad core Snapdragon S4 Android smartphones on the market, and it earns top benchmark numbers. The phone has 16 gigs of storage, an excellent 8 megapixel camera, LTE 4G, NFC and it runs Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 4.0+ software on top.
Samsung ATIV 500T tablet video review
Samsung ATIV 500T
Windows 8 Tablet Reviews
The ATIV 500T is an 11.6" Windows 8 tablet running on an Intel Atom CPU. It can run Windows 7 apps, and it's priced between Windows RT and Intel Core i5 Windows tablets. The Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T has dual band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, an 8MP rear camera with LED flash and a front 2MP camera. The tablet has 1 USB 2.0 port, a 3.5mm audio jack and a microSD card slot that's compatible with SDXC cards. It looks much like an elongated Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10 Android tablet, complete with very shiny gray plastics and front stereo speakers that flank the display. There's an optional $129 keyboard dock with two USB 2.0 ports.
Google Nexus 10 review
Google Nexus 10
Tablet Reviews | Android Tablet Reviews
Google's first 10" Android tablet is fast and it has a remarkable 2560 x 1600 display that's super-sharp and colorful. The Nexus 10 runs on Samsung's new Exynos 5 Dual 1.7GHz dual core CPU with 2 gigs of RAM and 16 or 32 gigs of storage. It's light and slim and has a delightful rubbery charcoal soft touch finish. The tablet ships with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and it has dual band WiFi with MIMO, Bluetooth, NFC, a GPS and capable front and rear cameras. An Android purist's delight and one of the faster Android tablets on the market.
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 review
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9"
Tablet Reviews | eReaders
Like the Kindle Fire HD but wish it were a bit larger? Amazon is hoping you'd say that since they're released the Kindle Fire HD 8.9", a tablet that's a little bit smaller than the iPad and appreciably more roomy than 7" tablets. The Fire HD 8.9 starts at a very reasonable $299 for the 16 gig WiFi model, making it an appealing budget tablet with better than budget features. The Fire HD has a full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS display that's top notch, a dual core 1.5GHz CPU, Dolby audio with stereo speakers, and there's an LTE 4G option as well as more internal storage if you need it.
Lenovo ThinkPad Twist review
Lenovo ThinkPad Twist
Laptop Reviews | Tablet Reviews
We aren't exactly swimming in Windows 8 touchscreen convertible Ultrabooks just yet, but most models so far have cost over $1,000. The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist bucks the trend with a friendly price tag that starts at $829. The Twist has a sharp and bright 12.5" IPS display with 5 points of multi-touch and the usual 1366 x 768 resolution. It uses the traditional center swivel tablet hinge that's stood the test of time, and it allows you to convert the ThinkPad Twist from a laptop to a tablet. The Windows 8 touchscreen notebook ships with the standard 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 ULV CPU, 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM and a 500 gig HDD with a 24 gig caching SSD.
Asus VivoBook X202 video review
Asus VivoBook Q200 & X202
Laptop Reviews | Windows Tablet Reviews
Touchscreen Windows 8 laptops with a modicum of style, Intel Core i CPUs and a very portable design don't come cheap. What if you want an ultraportable laptop with a touchscreen but don't have $1,000 or more to spend? How about the Asus VivoBook Q200 and X202 11.6" laptops that sell for $550 to $600? These two are nearly identical with the same casing, display and features but the Q200, sold mostly at BestBuy is $550 and has slightly less smart internals. But have a stylish Asus Zenbook inspired casing with a metal lid and keyboard deck along with the Zenbook's tapered design (though they're not as wafer thin). The VivoBook weighs 3 pounds and is a great buy if you're in the market for a touchscreen ultraportable.
Dell XPS 12 video review
Dell XPS 12
Windows 8 Tablet Reviews | Ultrabook Reviews
The Dell XPS 12 joins the short list of Windows 8 convertible tablet-Ultrabooks to hit the market after that new OS launched in late October. The XPS 12 has everything you love about the XPS line mated to the older Dell Duo's easel-mounted touchscreen. The build is extremely solid, upscale and attractive with Dell's signature carbon fiber surfaces (top and bottom this time), an aluminum frame and soft-touch painted magnesium wrist rest. The XPS 12 has a lovely 12.5" full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS touchscreen with 400 nits brightness and Gorilla Glass. It runs on an Intel Core i5 ULV CPU with 4 gigs of RAM and a 128 gig SSD, making it a capable Ultrabook as well as a tablet.
Nexus 4 video review
Nexus 4
Android Phone Reviews | Unlocked GSM
The Google Nexus 4 Android smartphone hardly needs and introduction. It's Google's latest and greatest contract-free, pure Google experience phone, and it's very reasonably priced at $299 for the 8 gig and $349 for the 16 gig. For that price you get a cutting edge Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core CPU running at 1.5GHz, 2 gigs of RAM and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The Nexus 4 is made by LG and shares much of its internals with the excellent LG Optimus G. It's compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile voice and 3G HSPA+ in the US.
Nokia Lumia video review
Nokia Lumia 822
Windows Phone Reviews | Verizon
The stylish HTC 8X Windows 8 smartphone has some competition from the less expensive Nokia Lumia 822 on Verizon Wireless. While the Lumia lacks the HTC's keen styling and vibrant color options, it's half the price and offers Nokia's value added apps that verge on must-haves. Nokia's mapping solutions, Nokia Drive and Transit, offer solid spoken turn-by-turn directions and downloadable maps for free. Nokia Music has an excellent free streaming music service that stand in nicely for the missing Pandora and Spotify. Inside it's all good with the same 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core CPU that you'll find in the flagship Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and high end Android phones. It has a gig of RAM and 16 gigs of internal storage. And we're thrilled that it has a microSD card slot that's compatible with cards up to 64 gigs. This is a video review.

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Motorola Droid RAZR HD Review
Motorola Droid RAZR HD
Android Phone Reviews | Verizon Wireless
The Motorola Droid RAZR was a hit last year on Verizon Wireless, and Moto's back this year with the natural evolution of that iconic smartphone: the Droid RAZR HD features a larger, higher resolution display and a faster CPU. Just as with last year's Droid RAZR models, there's a MAXX option with a larger battery and a slightly thicker casing for $100 more. The RAZR HD has a 4.7" Super AMOLED HD display running at 1280 x 720, a 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 CPU, and it runs Android 4.0.4 ICS. Clad in Kevlar and Gorilla Glass, this is a durable and good looking smartphone. This is a video review.

Most websites promise freebies and exclusive passes to events when you sign up for their newsletter. Signing up means you have to provide personal data including your full name, e-mail address, contact number, and home address. For some people, it is not a big deal because they will get something in return from the website. However, if you think about it, you will realize that several cases of identity theft and other online crimes are happening every day. Thus, everyone should be concerned before giving out their name, contact number, especially their address to people who they don’t know. In order to understand how websites use the personal information that they collect from people, you should read about their privacy policy. You can easily search and read an example of a privacy policy on the internet because it is required by the law in almost every country.

Samsung Galaxy Note II review
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Android Phone Reviews
You know the Samsung Galaxy Note was one of our top picks last year, right? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, a 5.5" smartphone or phablet is even better. Bigger display, much faster CPU than our US first gen Note, a better camera and more S Pen features. The Note II is available on all major US carriers, with a $299 price tag with contract. The Note II has a 1280 x 720 Super AMOLED HD display that works with both touch and the included S Pen. It runs on Samsung's quad core Exynos CPU with MALI 400 graphics and it has 2 gigs of RAM. Other amenities include a micro SD card slot, LTE (except on T-Mobile) and a removable 3,100 mAh battery.
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